• November 16, 2020
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According to the KOA report shows, 56% of people want to be the first to try something new on vacation. As the raising accommodation type in the glamping field, geodome is bringing high flow in Facebook, Instagram, and other glamping communities. “Our guests absolutely love the domes

If you have uneven ground or steep slopes, then a platform may be a necessity. Your platform design, size, shape, and material is up to you – or a professional contractor of your choice.

The most important part of pitching a tent on a deck is to achieve the exact same shape and guy line angles as would be achieved by pitching the tent on flat ground.

Use screws to attach the groundsheet to your deck through the grommets – NOT THE ELASTIC RINGS. Add a washer to increase the size of the screw head so it doesn’t slip through the ground sheet grommet.

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